State representative's trial moved due to state statute

Tracy Edge mug shot from his September arrest

The trial for South Carolina Representative Tracy Edge was scheduled to take place this week on a charge of Driving Under Suspension, but it will have to be moved because of a state statute cited by Edge in an email to the City of North Myrtle Beach.

Edge cited Article 3 Section 14 of the state constitution, which states, "The members of both houses shall be protected in their persons and estates during their attendance on, going to and returning from the General Assembly, and ten days previous to the sitting and ten days after the adjournment thereof," and state statute 2-1-150, which addresses members not appearing in court while the legislature is in session.

Edge has represented District 104, which covers the northeastern corner of Horry County, including North Myrtle Beach, since 1996.

He was arrested September 27, following a traffic incident in North Myrtle Beach.

Just before 4 a.m. that day, Edge was driving north on Ocean Boulevard when he crossed the center line and almost collided with a police officer, according to a police report.

Edge was arrested for Driving Under Suspension because his license had been suspended for failing to pay a traffic ticket.

He was originally scheduled for a bench trial on the charge in October 2012, but he asked for a continuance and the trial was rescheduled for November. Then in November, Edge requested a jury trial, which was then scheduled for the week of January 28.

Edge's trial will now be scheduled when the legislature adjourns, according to Pat Dowling, spokesman for the City of North Myrtle Beach. If the legislative session runs over as it did in 2012, that could take until August.