State of the art technology aids teachers at Florence middle school

The new John W. Middle School in Florence has the latest that technology has to offer and teachers are excited to test out new teaching methods.

Each classroom is equipped with a smartboard and smart audio amplification system.

"No matter where a child sits in the classroom, they should be able to hear what the teacher is teaching. And what the instruction carried on for that day," said Amy Knight, a teacher at the school.

All of the classrooms also have smart document cameras which allows teachers to take real life images and put them into a smart lesson.

The cameras can also take some images and make them 3D.

Knight says the new tools are also a benefit to parents who may be able to see what's going on in their child's classroom without even being there.

"It's setting them for the future. A lot of colleges and universities allow for technology to be used with them. So I feel like we're starting off on the right path. Starting at the elementary school and getting them ready for middle school. And then when they go to the high school, they'll have a little bit of an advantage."

Teachers and administrators will be trained on the new technology every month, so they can get the best use out of it for their classrooms.