State, local agencies plead for people to stay off the roads

Drivers all across the

Grand Strand and

Pee Dee were dealing with treach


rous road conditions early Wednesday afternoon as freezing rain and sleet continues to fall.

South Carolina Department of Transportation officials say even as the freezing rain continues to come down, they continue to salt and put out brine as much as they can.

With all the freezing rain, t

hey're only a


e to plow in some locations.

Even with crews working on the roads, drivers say the conditions are taking a big toll.

"They're icy but they're not real slick


but there are certain parts that is. As far as it goes, I mean, you just got to pay attention and be careful," said Garrett Gainey, a commuter from Darlington.

Another driver said so far, he can handle the roads but he just hopes conditions don't get any wo



"It's obviously concerning but I grew up in the upstate so I have a little more experience driving on the ice," said Lance Stockton.

South Carolina Department of Transportation said they will continue to work twelve hours shifts, 24 hours a day until this winter storm is over.