St. James HS evacuated due to bomb threats

Horry County police say St. James High School was evacuated due to a bomb threat Friday.

According to Horry County Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Robert Kegler, a note was found in a classroom Friday afternoon that said "A bomb is in the bathroom."

Then someone called in a bomb threat to the school.

Police say no device has been found.

This is the fourth bomb threat at the school this week. No evidence of a device was found in the previous threats.

Students were sent out to the football field while a bomb squad searched the building.

Parents lined up along St. James Plaza and on Polo Circle waiting for students. Denise Garvey was among those waiting. She said the recurring threats are scary, "Our older son actually gets very nervous about what to do. My daughters I think, think it's only a threat and that it'll never really happen they just stay kind of naive to it. My son is very tuned in that it's happened and it's happening around the country."

Parent Elizabeth Huey is frustrated with the way the threat was handled, "There was a bomb threat today and they informed no one, no one. Instead they held all of our children at school searched them. They weren't able to talk on the phone, they weren't able to stand up they weren't able to go to the bathroom" She continues, "It's ridiculous. If our children needed to be searched they should've been searched first thing this morning. If every student was searched first thing this morning then there would be no issues."

School principal Vann Pennell says their first priority is the safety of the students, "Our first instinct was to save these kids, get our plan in place, get organized." He adds, "We need help from our parents and our kids we need for them if they hear about anything. If they see it on Facebook. If they hear someone talking about it, if they even have the faintest clue. If they would call and let me know."

Next week when students return to school they will be searched.