Springmaid Beach Resort announces winner of Military Dream Wedding Giveaway

Out of 30 couples, United States Marine Corps Sargeant Wayne Edminston and his fiancee Brooke Chartlet will receive the wedding of their dreams.

Springmaid Conference Service Manager, Kristin Beard says that "they're just an extremely cute couple. They were all really cute, but something stuck out about them."

Brooke and Wayne, or "Brain" as they call themselves created a youtube clip explaining their love story and why they deserve to win.

Sgt. Edmiston made the video and wrote that it was love at first sight. "I'm a US Marine and I'm so in love," says Sgt. Edminston.

Their love story as a couple from Iowa caught the eye of Springmaid and melted their hearts.

"They've never been to the beach, so this is going to be huge for them," says Beard.

Beard says there's only one thing that is not included in the wedding, "she does have to buy her own dress but that's all she'll really have to buy."

Springmaid Resort says they are extremely honored to give this wedding to an active duty serviceman.

"It's going to be a very special wedding to us, I do believe," says Beard.

Sgt. Edminston ends his video entry by saying that his fiancee has made him "the luckiest Marine on the face of the earth."

They have already started to plan the wedding that takes place this December.

The runner's up did receive a two night stay in Springmaid Beach Resort.

Click here you would like to see Brooke and Wayne's video. ã??