Spring Harley Rally to coincide with Atlantic Beach Bike Fest

The two motorcycle events that are held back-to-back every year on the Grand Strand will now overlap.

Atlantic Beach Bike Fest will continue its regular Memorial Day weekend of May 25-28th, but Harley Rally organizers have decided to move their event to May 18-28th.

The Myrtle Beach Spring Harley Rally which is traditionally held the second weekend of May and ends the following weekend was scheduled for May 14-20th.

"We are trying to incorporate Memorial Day events into the rally," said organizer Denise Triece. "The more things that we can put out and get out to the area will help our economy."

The rally has occurred with other events like the Blue Grass Festival in Conway in years prior, and organizers don't expect many problems, said Triece.

But others do see problems with the events at the same time.

"I don't believe that the county has the resources to police and patrol both of the bike weeks simultaneously," said Suck Bang Blow Manager Todd Price.

Price is against the move because his vendors and entertainment are already booked for the original dates. He plans to recognized the original dates, not the new ones.

"It will be the same old same old. Bike week will be the 14th through the 20th as far as we're concerned," said Price.

"To change the date three and a half, four months out is kind of ludicrous to me," said Sleep Inn Hotel owner Todd Leggens.

He's received a few phone calls from people who have booked rooms for the Spring Rally. "I have no choice but to tell them all of the dates."

Triece said she wants to associate more with the Memorial Day weekend because many veterans come to the rally.

"We want to show there is more you can do than just riding up and down the strip," said Triece. "We may be overlapping events."

Horry County spokesperson Lisa Bourcier said the county can only issue vendor permits from May 14-20th for the Spring Rally and May 24th-28th for the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest.

The only way the permits can change is through County Council's permission, said Bourcier.

Tuesday night, Horry County Council briefly discussed the change after complaints were made during public comment from residents.

Horry County spokesperson Lisa Bourcier says the county is only issuing vendor permits for the original dates and does not plan to reissue permits to adapt to the change.

Council members added discussion to their next meeting about revoking Bike Rally and Bike Fest vendor permits in May, if the Harley Rally dates change.

County Council will discuss the issue at a February 7th meeting. Vendor permits for other non-biker related events on Memorial Day weekend would still be allowed.