Spring bike rally date change causing confusion and uproar

      "We're a little confused," said Sunny Rowan. She's a member of the "A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments"(ABATE) Chapter of Horry County motorcycle club. "We were trying to get everyone down here again, and now Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson changes the dates."

      Last week, Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson decided to change the dates of the spring rally from May 14-20 to May 18-28. The change puts the rally on the Memorial Day weekend, the same weekend as Atlantic Beach Bike Fest.

      "We do think they should change it back," said Rowan. "But we know it's probably not going to happen."

      The change in the date has caused the Horry County Council to discuss revoking all permits related to both bike rallies in May.

      "We tried to work with these people, and we thought we came to a truce then they say let's make it another week," said Horry County Councilman Gary Loftus. "No one from the rally discussed this with us. This is a total in-your-face move."

      Horry County issues permits for the vendors at the bike rallies, but only for the week after Mother's Day for the Spring Rally and Memorial Day Weekend for Atlantic Beach Bike Fest.

      Loftus said he was not opposed to the bike rallies before, but he and the rest of council are considering not just revoking the permits for the spring rally, but also the bike rally in the fall.

      "If they say the hell with us, I'll say the hell with y'all," said Loftus.

      Loftus understands the change in dates is coming from one business, not all of those involved in the rally. "It absolutely affects the people down in Murrells Inlet. Maybe they should go talk to Myrtle Beach Harley and ask what they're doing."

      The entire Horry County chapter of ABATE is not happy about the move, said Rowan.

      "It's causing inconvenience and confusing people," said Rowan. "They are going to throw their hands up in the air and say, 'oh well, we're going to go somewhere else.'"

      NewsChannel 15 tried to reach the owner of Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson. He was not available to comment, but late Wednesday we received a news release from the business defending its decision. You can read that response here.

      What are your thoughts on the change of dates?