Spoofing takes on a different look

Phone scammers and telemarketers are out smarting the public by calling you with local phone numbers.

Gone are the days when people avoid 1-800 and 888 phone numbers. With spoofing, scammers are able to disguise themselves with names from your contact list.

"Its very scary technology. The scammers keep up with it. As fast as technology goes the scammers go just as quickly, " said Kathy Graham from the Myrtle Beach Better Business Bureau.

She says the people you don't want to talk to are using the internet to make calls and they're using your area code.

Spoofing has blown up in our area in the past week.

Graham says people are not only seeing their own numbers pop up, but numbers of friends and family.

"You're going to automatically pick it up because you think you know. or you are going to pick it up, they are going to hang up and you are going to redial that number," said Graham.

Chris DeCaro recently became a victim of spoofing.

"When I looked on my caller ID, it was actually showing that i called myself. My own number calling myself," said DeCaro.

DeCaro answered his phone out of curiosity. He said he got a recording and it told him to dial 9. He quickly hung up his phone.

DeCaro reached out to WPDE Newschannel 15 to find out if this was legal.

In 2009, the Federal Communications Commission adopted the Truth in Caller ID Act. It prohibits caller ID spoofing for the purposes of defrauding or otherwise causing harm.

The FCC actually has a place on it's website where you can report spoofing. The agency reminds you to never give out personal information on the phone.

That is advice Chris DeCaro will be thinking about the next time he answers a call.

"If I don't know who is calling me or you don't know who is calling you then don't even pick the phone up.

Kathy Graham with the BBB says people allow themselves to be intimidated by people on the phone and give out information because they are acting out of fear.

The BBB says at least 100 people in our area have been affected by spoofing in the past week.