Spirit Airline's luggage toss

"We're going to Disney World!" Samuel McDonald of Carolina Beach shouted as he won a big travel prize, a lot of free airline miles.

Hundreds of people lined up Tuesday evening for their chance at winning one million frequent flier miles from Spirit Airlines. Members from the airline stopped through Myrtle Beach as part of a Mega Miles Giveaway Tour. They're stopping at 24 cities, and at each giving away one million free miles in airfare.

Participants lined up for one lucky fling of a sample carry on luggage bag. If it landed into a four foot by four foot square 20 feet away, they would win a chance at a million miles.

Misty Pinson with Spirit says more than 50 people qualified for the million miles.

"This was definitely one of our big events we were really pleased with the turnouts," she adds.

Contestant Dennis Afshar got a chance at the million miles. He said he wouldn't know where he would fly if he won.

"Every place they let me!" he said.

Those who didn't win, didn't walk away empty handed. Each person received 5 thousands miles on Spirit, enough for a round trip ticket to any of their destinations.