Special birthday for Carolina Forest girl battling brain cancer

An outpouring of community support continues for one young girl fighting for her life against brain cancer.

On Saturday, Fallon Emery got a special surprise 10th birthday party at Longbeards Bar and Grill in Carolina Forest.

Hundreds showed up to celebrate and support this young lady who many on Saturday describe as, "One-of-a-kind," "Strong", and "Fierce".

In October, Fallon started having seizures.

"We thought Fallon was epileptic,"said Fallon's mom Melanie.

On Dec. 4, Fallon got a CAT scan that showed a mass on her brain.

"I sat down with her surgeons, and they said not a problem, we are going to remove this mass. It'll be fine,'" Melanie said.

Surgeons operated on her the next day, but the outcome was not what the family had wanted.

Fallon was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Without radiation and chemotherapy treatments, Fallon would only live another two or three months, according to Melanie.

With treatments, Melanie said she would be able to live about a year.

Saturday's birthday party was also a fundraiser for Fallon. The money raised will allow her get those medical treatments.

As of now, Fallon has a Facebook fan page with more than 4,000 'Likes'. She also has a website where you can go to and donate.

On Jan. 6.,Fallon will undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments at MUSC in Charleston.