South Carolina libraries offer tips on restoring flood damaged documents

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Officials with the University of South Carolina Libraries offered free advice on how to safely recover items damaged by flooding.

The school held a session on Thursday, Oct. 15, to give advice on how to help stop further deterioration and start the recovery process for damaged books, papers, films, photographs and memorabilia.

During that session they handed out a flyer outlining steps and tips. It said:

-Water damaged items can be air dried

-Single paged documents should be separated immediately to prevent them from sticking together permanently.

-Wet paper is very fragile and should be handled gently

-Books should be dried with fans blowing, but not directly at the books.

-Photographs that are stuck together should be wrapped in wax paper and frozen. As the photographs thaw, individual photos can be peeled and placed on an absorbent surface to air dry.

To see the full tips document, go here (

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