South Carolina Democratic leader gives Gov. Haley F's and D's on 2013 report card

On Wednesday, South Carolina's top democrat released his party's 2013 report card for Republican Governor Nikki Haley.

"The Report Card" gave Haley grades of F's or D's on 11 matters, including last year's computer hacking at the state department of revenue.

Party Chairman Jamie Harrison also says that South Carolina continues to fall further behind in education, economic mobility and safety for women.

The Palmetto State has been ranked number one in the nation for women killed by men.

"We need a governor for all the people of South Carolina, not just one segment of the population, but all of the people of South Carolina. These things are just systematic of the larger issue that we don't have real leadership in this state," said Harrison.

Officials with Governor Haley's camp dispute the claims.

This statement was released by Rob Godfrey, Governor Haley's spokesperson:

"Democrats forgot some numbers - the more 40,000 jobs announced, the almost 3 full points South Carolina's unemployment rate has dropped under Governor Haley, our ranking as the fastest growing economy on the east coast and the more than 18,000 South Carolinians transitioned from welfare to work. Not surprisingly, they also forgot the tens of thousands of people who have lost insurance under the Obama-Sheheen healthcare disaster and the number of criminals Vince Sheheen fought to get off the hook in front of judges the senator himself appointed."