Something's fishy at the Horry County museum. New aquarium gets reality TV treatment.

The Horry County Museum has a new aquarium, and it's not just another fish tank.

It's a huge tank within a tank, and its construction was filmed for a national TV show.

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, a Las Vegas company known for building extravagant fish tanks, made the museum's new aquarium.

The firm's owners are also the stars of the Animal Planet reality series Tanked {<}{>}.

They're taking 22,000 gallons of water, adding a three piece aquarium, a camera crew and a fake beaver dam.

We'll get to see what it all adds up to, when this episode of Tanked goes on the air.

For now, the show's star, CEO of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, is just anxious to get this tough job done.

"This is so big that we had to bring it in in pieces. It was assembled and built in Las Vegas, disassembled, brought here and assembled. This thing is incredible," said Wayde King.

The museum's director wanted a big natural history display of Horry County's fish and animal life.

He sought out the Tanked show, but it took many anxious months to get through the selection process.

Now that the tank's almost finished, the museum is looking forward to a national audience.

"Having a tank like this with a name like Tanked behind it, gives us an opportunity to really stretch out there and promote what we're doing in Horry County to the rest of the world," said director Walter Hill.

A crew of local guys provided the muscle to put the finishing touches on the aquarium.

They oh-so-gently dropped a fake tree stump inside the big cylindrical tank.

There were complications and it looked, for awhile, like a museum employee would have to jump into the tank to unscrew a fixture.

But a long wooden hand-made "wrench" saved the day, and now the tank is nearly ready for its splashy debut.

"We're looking forward to getting this in place, to seeing our fish and our exhibit come to life here," Hill said.

The blue gill, bass, catfish, gar fish and other local species arrived late Wednesday from the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston.

Museum officials say the fish were put in the tank and it will be unveiled at the museum's grand opening May 10.

The museum's episode of Tanked will air sometime in September.