Some Surfside Beach residents not happy about new speed limit

You might want to give yourself some extra time if you drive on Ocean Boulevard in Surfside Beach. The speed limit is being dropped from 30 to 25 miles per hour.

Surfside Beach town council member Randle Stevens says it all comes down to safety.

"That extra five miles an hour may be the difference between life and death," he explained

He said that as we go into the peak season on the beach, it's going to get more congested along the boulevard which could lead to more of a safety hazard.

But some Surfside Beach residents say changing these signs down to 25 miles per hour might not be such a good idea. David Clark worries the lower speed could mean speed traps.

"Your local residents, they're not going to remember, I mean, you know, it's going to be ticket after ticket," Clark said.

With the reduced speed limit coupled with the recent addition of parking meters, Clark said it's just making it harder to live in Surfside.

"We've had friends that were just like no we won't live in the Surfside area because it is so strict."

Despite the frustration, Stevens said safety for tourists and locals takes priority.

"I think as time goes on everybody will adjust and everyone will be fine," said Stevens.

But for residents like Clark, that could take some time.

Town council has not announced when the permanent lower speed limit will go into effect but Stevens said it should be sometime in May.