Some Socastee residents say their neighborhood feels more like a raceway

A drag racing problem has caused some concern among Socastee residents.

Jim Millward, a long-time resident, finally brought the issue to Horry County Council's attention after a big car crash off Pine Hollow Road more than a week ago.

Millward also said he believed there was underage drinking involved.

"I heard a lot of commotion outside. A lot of cars are going up and down the road more than usual. Probably 30-40 are cars going back and forth, back and forth," Millward said.

Millward said this type of activity will escalate during the summer months.

He said he wanted to put a stop to it to save lives and to maintain the quality of life for his family and his neighbors and their families.

"A lot of my neighbors ride bicycles. Our children ride bicycles on the road. It's a dead end road, and we've never had this much of a problem," Millward said.

Elizabeth Springs is one of Millward's neighbors who will ride her bicycle on the road.

"We are just afraid it's going to happen again. We have a nice neighborhood and we just want to keep it that way," Springs said.

Councilman Bob Grabowski has been helping out these residents to make sure the drag racing doesn't happen anymore.

He said there have been more police cars on patrol, more frequently in the neighborhood.

"We step up police presence in the neighborhood and hopefully curb the activity completely so that people know that if this is what they're doing in this area, they can't continue to do that," Grabowski said.

Grabowski said drag racing is still and issue, but the number of complaint calls he has received over the past decade has decreased.

Grabowski said to contact city officials or law enforcement if residents have similar concerns or observe suspicious activity.