Some Socastee residents have a problem with unwanted trash.

Since a recycling center was moved to Jones Road, off Highway 544, in 2011, Jim Millward, a resident, said he has seen more trash on the sides of the roads leading to it.

"It seems like people are bringing their trash after hours and the dump being closed and they find this road," Millward said.

This also has concerned Millward because the recycling center sits less than a quarter of a mile away from where the trash is being dumped.

"We could almost throw a stone and hit it. It's so close," Millward said.

It had gotten so bad that Millward asked for help from Horry County Council during their meeting on Tuesday.

Councilman Bob Grabowski listened to Millward's plea and arranged for Horry County Public Safety to clean up the roads the following day.

However, there still is a spot on private property where a large quantity of trash sits.

Grabowski told WPDE NewsChannel 15 the county has a plan to clean up the property owned by an out-of-state investor.

"There are a couple access areas that we are looking at blocking off. We have to make sure we do it in the right way seeing as it is private property and we don't want to deny the owner access to his property," said Grabowski.

One option is to put a mound of dirt at the road's access point to prevent people from getting down there to dump their trash, according to Grabowski.

In the meantime, Grabowski said the area will be monitored and trash will be picked up once a month.

Before, it wasn't checked unless someone filed a complaint.

People who drive vehicles to and from the recycling center are asked to pay closer attention to the trash in their vehicles, because it could blow out onto the road.