Some say South Carolina cold isn't all that bad

It's cold on the Grand Strand and Pee Dee, though nothing like what the rest of the country is dealing with.

Still, some area schools delayed opening and you could find lots of people complaining about the deep freeze, which leads us to ask if people here are too soft when it comes to the cold.

For some people who can't avoid the cold, like construction workers, garbage collectors and people waiting to board a bus, the winter blast is no fun.

"It's mighty cold out here. I tell you what, if you guys don't got a jacket on or something to keep warm with, a scarf over your face, your lungs can, it can grip a hold of you," said Jack Wilson of Myrtle Beach.

But for a group of New Jersey college students visiting the Grand Strand on winter break, temperatures in the 20s aren't that big a deal. They don't understand why schools around here are delayed.

"Just for the cold, it's ridiculous. They're not used to it. They got the thin blood down here in the South," said Matthew Klosowski of Morristown, NJ.

"It's not that bad when it's down here compared to the northeast when it's 30 for 4 or 5 months out of the year and everyone goes about their daily business," added Tim Langdon of Whippany, NJ.

People who are used to a northern climate, like some shoppers at Market Common, say Southerners are a little fainthearted about the cold.

"Honestly, I really think so, like I always say that to my friends and it's just kind of frustrating. (They'll say) 'It's freezing, it's freezing', and I'm like, it's not cold, like it's really not," said Margie Casella of Myrtle Beach, who moved to the area from New England.

You could even find a couple of people walking the beach during this cold snap. One man says Myrtle Beach's kind of cold is nothing, compared to the weather back in Ohio.

"They had ten below zero this morning. Supposed to get up to maybe 3 above today," said Wayne Cope of Columbiana, OH.

An official with Georgetown schools says the reason why they're delayed is because many students lack heavy winter clothing and the older school buses need extra time to get started when it's this cold.