Some say firefighters excessively speeding to calls

Some residents on Howe Springs Road in Florence said firefighters with Howe Springs Fire Department are driving too fast to respond to calls following an accident Tuesday night.

A fireman was heading to a wreck when he collided with a log truck at Apple Valley Drive and Howe Springs Road and eventually ran into a home.

The accident resulted in minor injuries.

Some residents who live on Howe Springs Road said they knew a wreck was bound to happen on the road with firefighters speeding to calls.

"The only time I see them driving fast is when they get a call to go to a fire. They're responding to a fire or accident. They're trying to get there in time," said Don Driggers.

"I hear them before I see them. And when I see them, theyâ??re coming extremely fast. I know it's more than 45 and that's what the speed limit is out there," said Pearl Mack.

Howe Springs Fire Chief Billy Dillon said according to Highway Patrol his fireman was going over the speed limit, but he points out the accident happened around a blind curve.

"A lot of factors contributed to the accident. After the investigation with Highway Patrol, it did show that he was traveling about 10 miles over the speed limit which put him well in the perimeters of our policies. And the due regard for the state," explained Chief Davis.