Some say Dillon road isn't safe for pedestrians

Old Latta Highway showing the markings in the road where a deadly accident happened this weekend. A pedestrian was hit and killed by a car in that area of the road.

Some residents are questioning the safety of the stretch of Old Latta Highway to Highway 301 in Dillon County after two pedestrians have been struck and killed by cars in the past six years.

Clayton Driggers,53, was struck and killed by a car as he walked along the highway this past Saturday evening.

In 2008, Milton Hyatt,55, was hit and killed by a car while walking near the same spot along the highway where Driggers was killed.

Some residents believe the road needs to be better kept.

Richard Carmichael complains of broken road reflectors, overgrown grass and poor lighting that make it difficult to walk along the road.

"The grass is so high and it's real dark. You don't want to walk on no snake or nothing. So, they trying to walk in the highway.There need to be markers or something with lights, so they can see," Carmichael said.

We took Carmichael's concerns to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).

They told us the road reflectors on Old Latta Highway were damaged when crews used plows to remove snow and ice from the roads in February.

Officials said the broken reflectors will be replaced when the state gets the additional funding.

SCDOT added it's their responsibility to cut the grass and trim the bushes along Old Latta HIghway, but haven't said when that will be done.

It is the responsibility of Dillon County to address any lighting problems along the road.

Our email to the Dillon County Administrator detailing the residents concerns about poor lighting has yet to be returned.

Many residents say county and state officials need to do whatever it takes to make Old Latta Highway safer for pedestrians.

"A lot could be done, but they always complaining. You know the county and everything don't have the money, you know. That's wrong. Seem like safety should be the first priority on anything," said George Belin.

According to SCDOT, about 7,500 cars travel Old Latta Highway everyday.