Some homeowners along Waccamaw river concerned about possible storm

Water along the Waccamaw River is expected to continue to rise until Saturday. Homeowners in the Lee's Landing area outside of Conway off Highway 90 are already flooded.

For Rachel Peluso, in the nine years that she has lived on Rowe Pond Road near's Lee's Landing, she's never seen flooding this bad. "My backyard was half covered and the ditches were full and then the water level got higher on the other side and it started to pour in from that side."

Peluso explained her biggest concern is that if the water rises another 6 or 8 inches, it will flood her storage trailer where she keeps some of her most important belongings.

"I have a generator back there, I have an air compressor, a riding lawn mower and several other things that i'm trying to protect," she explained.

As if this isn't enough stress, Peluso and other homeowners along the Waccamaw River face a small chance of a tropical storm next week.

"Right now the chances of South Carolina being hit are very small but if Chantal, whether it was a depression or a storm or just a disturbance, were to come our way it would really enhance our chances of rain and that would only exacerbate the flooding or make it a whole lot worse for a lot longer amount of time," said WPDE Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski.

Although Peluso knows she lives in a flood zone and that her property is elevated, she's keeping a close eye on the forecast. "I've always been if it's really bad at night when I go to bed I make sure I check everything and if I wake up and two o'clock I get up and see if anything has changed."

As of Tuesday morning, the Waccamaw river was more than one foot, two inches higher than flood levels of 11 feet.

Forecasters predict the river will rise at least another 5 inches by Saturday.