Some Florida evacuees traveling through the Pee Dee say their situation not so bleak

Some Florida evacuees staying in Florence and Dillon Counties said their homes were spared during Hurricane Irma.

Some Florida evacuees staying at hotels and motels along I-95 in Florence and Dillon Counties said their homes were spared during Hurricane Irma.

We caught up with several people at Live's Truck Stop in Dillon Tuesday on their drive back home to Florida.

Wayne Bennett said he got good news that his house in Fort Myers, Florida is still standing. "We got some good news that the house was ok. Still, no electric. I run a couple of businesses down there. Still no electric. A little damaged, but most of my guys are making out okay. Just anxious to get home," said Benner.

Benner's daughter said she expected their home to be a victim of Hurricane Irma. "Just praying that we had a house to go back to . Plywood was out. We couldn't even board up our windows. So, we weren't sure what we were coming back to. A friend of ours was able to go to our house and see that everything was ok. Just everything that you could imagine feeling during that time lifted. And it was just absolutely amazing to know that we're going home to a house that was safe," said Katherine Bennett.

Michele Baron from Boca Raton, Florida echos the same sentiment. "We're so thankful. Luckily, we're all safe. We escaped to New York. And made the most of this . Our house is fine. Our family's fine. Friends are fine. Everybody's good," said Baron.

Jake Eckman is elated his house near Jacksonville only suffered minor damage. "The home's ok. We had some minor damage. The shingles came off. Some of our. We just had a brand new screen put around the pool. Some of our panels were damaged. But other than that we were very fortunate," said Eckman.

The families said they've been told power is still out in their respective communities, but that doesn't really bother them.

They said their hearts go out to the thousands in Florida who weren't so fortunate with homes that were badly damaged in the storm.

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