Some flooded homeowners along Waccamaw River wish Horry County did more to help

For days, the Waccamaw River has been rising near Lee's Landing and although it's stopped, it will be days before it's back to normal. Some homeowners along the river say Horry County should have done more to protect their property.

For the past two weeks, George Setzer Jr., who lives on Lee's Landing Circle near Conway off the Waccamaw River, has been dealing with a lot of flooding.

"It's been rising probably inch by inch each day and as I mentioned, you know, it has covered our back steps up to the third step from the ground," Setzer explained.

As of Monday night, the Waccamaw River remained at 13.1 feet, more than two feet above flood stage for this area.

Setzer explained that it's been stressful just to watch the water constantly rising in his driveway. "By me, you know, not being able to drive, my oldest son has to do all the driving. He goes in, picks up medicine, picks up milk, bread, you know things like that and he was concerned a lot bit where it would get up to and where he could not get out."

What's causing Setzer even more aggravation is that he says little has been done by the county to clean and deepen the ditch in front of his house, which he added always stays filled with water with all the recent rain.

Setzer added that he wished it had been dug deeper before the Waccamaw flooded its banks.

"We request over and over that the county would dig the ditch so the water would flow more towards the river and not stay settled into the ditch that probably stay sometimes a foot or more which is a good breeding case for mosquitoes," Setzer explained.

But, Horry County Public Works officials say with this level of flooding, a bigger ditch wouldn't have made a difference.

Setzer said he just hopes that the National Weather Service forecasters are right when they say the river probably won't rise any higher.

Forecasters predict flood water will begin to recede Wednesday, but the river is expected to stay above flood stage through Saturday.