Some CCU students called "disrespectful, aggressive, rude" after sexual assault event

Coastal Carolina University has opened a formal investigation into allegations that some students at a panel discussion on sexual assault acted in a disrespectful way toward the panelists.

The investigation began on Nov. 1, according to Coastal Carolina University's Media Coordinator Mona Prufer.

Prufer told WPDE NewsChannel 15 the university will not discuss the investigation at this time due to privacy concerns.

There are two petitions about the incident circulating on the internet. One was created by students, the other by faculty members.

Both contain details about the October 31st Tea & Ethics forum called, "Sex and College Life: Hooking Up, STDs, and Consent".

The petition created by faculty entitled, "Make CCU Safe" says at the forum, "a large number of students" responded to one of the panelists with the students saying that "a rape is the victim's fault" and a "person's revealing clothing could make them responsible for a rape, and that a person who is drinking is responsible for getting raped".

The comments caused some of the crowd to erupt in cheers and applause, which led one of the panelists to walk out in protest.

The panelist, who also is a professor at CCU, confirmed to WPDE NewsChannel 15 that she filed a complaint with the university.

The petition goes onto say that the panelist was also later harassed on social media.

Ultimately, both faculty and students are concerned that these feelings create an environment where people do not feel safe reporting a rape.

Both petitions also call for the university's increased effort to continue educating and offering educational programs about sexual assault and violence.

The petitions also request for CCU to formally address the situation, including forming a committee that will evaluate the effectiveness of sexual assault policies, protocol, and educational programming at the university.