Some Carolina Forest residents concerned over coyote sightings

Some Carolina Forest residents say they're seeing more coyotes in their neighborhood in the past few months.

Just a few weeks ago, Joe Alexander said he was walking his dog Cody along the sidewalk in front of his house in Carolina Forest, when something caught his eye.

"Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a fast glimmer and looked over and what appeared to look sort of like a German Shepard was running really full gallop across the yard directly in front of my house."

It was just before sunrise, but Alexander added that he could clearly make out some of the animal's features, which was just 20 feet away.

"It was grey, big, had kind of long gangly legs and pointed ears and it was moving real fast," he explained.

Recently, coyotes have been seen in Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, and Longs.

Alexander added that over the past few months, his neighbors in Carolina Forest have spotted signs of coyotes too.

"One guy on the corner down there so he saw what looked like a Canadian goose carcass in his yard. It was completely ripped apart and he assumed a coyote did that."

Alexander says he isn't taking any chances and he's keeping his dog on a tight leash, something that Department of Natural Resources First Sgt. Nate Hutson explained is one step people can take to keep pets safe from coyotes.

"Coyotes, they're opportunistic feeders, if they can find food, if you leave food out for your cats or dogs outside, they're going to find it and they're going to associate your house with food and they're going to keep coming and they're going to lose their fear of humans.

Hutson added that if you do happen to see a coyote, making loud noises will usually scare them off.