Some Aynor residents excited for new gun plant

Building where Ct. gun manufacturer will be located in Aynor

A Connecticut gun company is relocating to Horry County and will soon open its doors in Aynor. PTR Industries also plans to hire 145 people for their new facility.

The company will be moving into a county shell building in the Cool Springs Business Park in Aynor, a town with higher unemployment than most of Horry County.

"There's a lot of people that don't have jobs that are on food stamps that just can't, you know, get their way so yeah, it's definitely needed," explained Aynor resident Betty Lefebvre, who says she's going to apply to work at the new plant.

She says more jobs are exactly what Aynor needs. According to Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation President Brad Lofton, the jobs will be high-paying.

"They're paying 20 dollars an hour, 40% higher than average wage in Horry County," he explained.

To Lefebvre, the new job means more than just a bigger paycheck. "Gas alone, I mean with the prices of gases, a quarter of my pay check goes to gas so you know right now it would make a big difference."

Others say with a gun manufacturer being in town, safety is a big concern.

"Well hopefully they keep it safe and keep it under control where nobody can get in and get anything because that wouldn't be good. I live too close, I mean like just 2 or 3 miles from the place so," Aynor resident Tina Hornsby explained, laughing.

One resident who didn't want his name released said he's concerned a lot of those jobs will be filled by people who'll transfer to Aynor from Connecticut.

Governor Nikki Haley, Congressman Tom Rice and Horry County leaders will attend a ribbon-cutting for PTR Monday afternoon.