Solutions against violence still in the works for next Memorial Day weekend

Myrtle Beach City Council members talked about how to keep people safe over Memorial Day weekend in a special called meeting Monday.

Members talked about what has been done so far, and when we can start to see some action taken to avoid the violence that happened during this year's holiday weekend.

It was an executive session for city council, not open to the public.

"We aren't ready to discuss what plans are taking place," said Mayor John Rhodes. "That will be down the road, but not until we have more of a concrete direction."

Mayor Rhodes says during the two hour council meeting, members were brought up to speed about the progress made so far.

He says they are working to pull everyone together for the same common goal.

"Anytime we are working with everybody in conjunction, then we are moving a step closer to trying to find some solutions to some of the problems that we have," he said.

Three people were killed and others injured in several shootings that took place in Myrtle Beach over Memorial Day weekend.

As council moves forward to find a solution to avoid the same violence, Rhodes says they hope to have a more concrete plan within the next 60 days.

He stresses the council is not sitting back on the issue, but says it takes time to come up with a solution for such a big problem.

"Unfortunately it's not going to happen overnight, but we are working hard to try and make things a lot better than what they have been in the past," said Rhodes.

So far, the meetings have been behind closed doors.

The Summerville Police Department will hold a press conference Wednesday to discuss the violence that happened in Myrtle Beach over Memorial Day weekend.

Two of the victims who died were from the Summerville area.