Solicitor explains why more isn't being released about Heather Elvis case

Heather Elvis

15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson released a statement Tuesday, in response to numerous questions and concerns about the lack of information released about the Heather Elvis case.

On Monday, Sidney Moorer, 38, and Tammy Moorer, 41, were

charged with the Murder

of the 20-year-old, who disappeared in Socastee last December.

The Moorers are also charged with her kidnapping, as well as Obstruction of Justice and Indecent Exposure.

Richardson released this statement:

"We understand and sympathize with the public's desire to know more information about the tragic case. But the fact remains that while the Moorers have been charged with Obstruction of Justice, Indecent Exposure, Kidnapping, and the Murder of Heather Elvis, this investigation is ongoing. In the interest of justice for Heather, her family and friends, and the entire Horry County community, we simply cannot risk jeopardizing either the current investigation or future prosecution at this time


The 15th Circuit Solicitor's Office commends the work of the Horry County Police Department and the many different law enforcement agencies who have worked tirelessly in this case. We also appreciate the interest and cooperation of the public as we continue to work together with law enforcement. As soon as we are able to release more information without risk of jeopardizing either the investigation or prosecution, we will do so, as we know it will help answer questions and provide some degree of closure to a grieving family and community."