Solicitor explains charges against Hartsville mom who lost four kids in house fire

Hope Hawkins is charged with both Homicide by Child Abuse and Involuntary Manslaughter in the deaths of her four toddler children.

Hawkins' family called the charges redundant, saying both Homicide by Child Abuse and Involuntary Manslaughter mean deaths occurred.

Fourth Circuit Solicitor Will Rogers says it's not unusual for a suspect to face similar types of charges in an ongoing investigation.

"We just want to make sure all our bases are covered. Because each crime has elements you have to prove. The investigation isn't complete yet. We would rather go ahead and charge her with anything it could possibly be rather than have to go back and recharge her with something else, " said Solicitor Rogers.

She's charged because Darlington County sheriff's deputies say she was not at her home on Depot Street in Hartsville on April 24 when it burned, killing her children.

When the investigation is finished it's possible they could re-evalute Hawkins' charges, said Rogers.

Hawkins was released from jail on $50,000 bond on Tuesday.

A preliminary hearing to determine if there is enough evidence against Hawkins to proceed with a trial is expected to happen in a few weeks.

A trial date hasn't been set.