Soldier surprises 7-year-old daughter at Florence school

Friday afternoon, Aiyana Bachelder got quite a surprise at Carver Elementary School in Florence.

She stood in a hallway with about 75 fellow second graders.

They all waited to see what they thought would be a fashion model making a grand entrance down the hall.

The students are learning about adjectives and the fashion show was supposed to be part of the lesson.

What the kids got to see instead, was Aiyana's dad, Emory Bachelder, dressed in his SC Army National Guard fatigues.

He's been serving in Afghanistan since September.

When Aiyana saw her dad, she ran and gave him a big hug.

Bachelder also surprised his 10-year-old daughter at Moore Intermediate School and his five year old at the Florence Regional Airport, when she came with her mother to pick him up.

He says he just couldn't wait to see them.

"I love to keep my kids on their toes. My kids never know what to expect of me and that's basically what I want to do - surprise them see the looks on their faces," said Emory Bachelder.

Teachers cried and students made a special welcome banner and cards for Bachelder.

The reunited family headed to Toys 'R Us and then out to dinner.