Softball players disciplined for video posted on Vine

Four Johnsonville High School softball players have been disciplined after they posted a video on the social networking website called Vine.

The video shows the students making inappropriate comments and gestures toward Green Sea Floyds High School softball team.

Johnsonville beat Green Sea in the first round of the playoffs Saturday.

The video is titled "What'd We Do To Green Sea."

The students shot the video on the school bus after they won Saturday's game.

Johnsonville School District Superintendent Randy Smiley says the video shows unsportsmanlike conduct and is inappropriate.

"We try very hard here to promote excellence with our students. And certainly the video was not what we expect of our students.It was students acting inappropriately and we've certainly done everything we could to address that situation. That's something we don't like to see from our students," said Smiley.

Smiley says the students removed the video an hour after it was posted. "The students who are involved with that are very remorseful of what happened with that. "

The athletes have to write letters apologizing to the opposing team.

"Certainly, the school has taken some other actions in relation to this and those actions have been sent to the High School League and the High School League have certainly approved what we have done." Privacy rules prohibit the school from releasing what other specific actions were taken.

Green Sea Floyds' principal Dr. Andrea Parsons says this is a teachable moment about the impact of social media.

"I would trust that our students and the students from Johnsonville would use this as a learning experience, and that it would not repeat itself," said Dr. Parsons.

A couple of Johnsonville parents say the Green Sea players taunted the Johnsonville players before and after the game in person and on Twitter.

The parents say there was a package of Band-Aids in the Johnsonville players' dug out with a note saying:"You'll need these after the game."

The parents say the Johnsonville players retaliated by posting the video.

Officials with both school districts say they believe the situation has been resolved.

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