Society Hill sign has people slowing down

A simple sign is attracting a lot of attention in Society Hill. It says, " Watch Your Speed" and a picture of a hand points toward Cheraw Highway.

Some say those three simple words spell out a lot about the small town.

"It's a speed trap, that's all Society Hill is. I drive through here everyday, and if you're going a just a couple of miles over the speed limit they gone pull you over," said Travis Gainey.

"I've been pull over one time and I know several other people that's coming through here that's not from this town that's been pulled over," said Jeffery Bowcutt.

Society Hill Police Chief Kaynnera Capers, says he knows who put up the sign and, surprisingly, thinks it's a good idea.

Chief Capers says people tend to speed 15 to 25 miles over the speed limit. He says the state has a zero tolerance against speeding, but he'll give you 12 miles over before stopping you.

What Chief Capers doesn't tolerate, he says, is people taking it to the extreme.

And there are local residents who support him.

"If you driving over the speed limit you just over the speed limit. They have a right to stop us if we're over the speed limit, but they don't bother you unless we over the speed limit, " said Arthur Sellers.

"The sign is OK for people because it do be a lot of speeding through here and they got signs saying 35 and 45 so you should obey the signs," said Leon Bruce.

Chief Capers says one reason for the speeders could be the fact that there are different speed limits posted in the town.

He plans to ask officials with the South Carolina Department of Transportation to approve a town speed limit of 30 miles per hour.

Capers says his office writes more warnings for speeding than tickets. He says they also work with people and will often reduce fines.