Soccer fans unite on Grand Strand for World Cup

When the United States took on Belgium Tuesday evening at the World Cup, fans gathered to watch and cheer on Team U.S.A.

Hundreds showed up at the Boathouse Waterway Bar and Grill.

They watched anxiously to see if the U.S. had what it takes to move forward in the tournament.

Emotions ran high, as every kick, dribble and shot on goal was pure anxiety for World Cup fans.

"It is the most spontaneous, most minute to minute game. It's the only sport that literally if you watch it anything can happen within 30 second interval," said Connor Mahon, a World Cup Fan.

Everyone wearing their red, white and blue and cheering on their team. The group of fans at the Boathouse were like so many around the world. Every eye was glued to the game, making sure they didn't miss a single play of the action.

"This isn't just a sport. This is about taking away people's problems for 90 minutes on one fateful Tuesday in the United States of America," said a spectator at the Boathouse.

The fans at the Boathouse said they know soccer may not be popular all year round, but at the end of the day, it is the one of the only sports where everyone is rooting for the same team and wearing the same colors.

"It's eerie how there is so much more enthusiasm for this (than there is) over the Olympics. But then you watch the game, and you understand why," Mahon said. "It's electric, every possession is like a coin flip."

Even though the blood, sweat and tears, may have ended with a loss for the U.S., the soccer crazed fans say they will carry on the emotions this tournament seems to bring out.

"Just the experience and the fact that we did make it this far. I mean its not every time that we do make it this far so its exciting that we did," said Kelly Schmitt, a World Cup spectator.