Socastee High shooter goodbye video and journals show troubled child

Friday, the Horry County Solicitor released evidence showing the 2010 Socastee High School shooter, Christian Helms, as a young man obsessed with taking vengeance on those who bullied him.

Earlier this week, Helms was sentenced to 6 years for attempted murder.

Helms made the video the day of the shooting. "Right now, it's 5:42. I just stole the revolver."

In the video, he speaks to members of his family and shows a young man troubled, confused but determined. "I know based on the current circumstances my face is probably the last thing you want to see right now," he said. "I thought I would make this video to say goodbye and try to explain some things out."

Helms speaks directly to the camera throughout his speech. "I've acknowledged the fact that I am a bit of a psychopath," he said. "I'm actually am going to get a joy and pleasure out of doing this."

Helms hoped to receive joy and pleasure from carrying out a Columbine style shooting at Socastee High. "I'm just going to go ahead and go out in style."

In his journal leading up to the shooting, Helms references the two shooters of Columbine as Reb and Vodka. As well as Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter.

But he writes how he was only inspired by Reb and Vodka because they had an hour of fun, saying the way they handled the shooting was icing on the cake and calling them inspirational.

"I plan to go down the stairwell during break or lunch, kill the resource officer and take his Glock," Helms writes in his plans for the entire day's events where he would then throw bombs into crowds of students and shoot many others.

"Make sure I keep one bullet in my pocket so i don't waste it because that bullet is meant for me," Helms said in the video. "This is it. It's a strange thing when you know you're going to die, and I'm going to die somewhere between 3 and 8 hours from now." He said he would have to take his life that day, he wanted his family to try not to remember him as anything negative like a monster or a coward.

Helms stops the video once he tells his father goodbye.

"I don't think you love me or even like me. You practically pretty much hate me don't you. You know with the way I dress, the way I act, the fact that I'm not your tall athletic son that you probably always dreamed of. Well this is what you got a high school shooter. Deal with it."