Snow on the coast a welcome sight

People flooded the shores of downtown Myrtle Beach Sunday morning to see a sight that's pretty rare. White flakes were still visible on the beach after a snowfall Saturday evening.

"It's beautiful. I wanted to see it on the ocean, so I came out here to try and get a picture of it," said Glenda Ingram.

The Boardwalk was also caked with an icy slush. Lots of people risked falling just see the snow.

"A lot of snow on the Boardwalk, it's a little tricky to walk, but other than that it's nice," said Donald Knotts.

Some people came to the beach to pass the time.

The Ripken Experience is holding their President's Day Challenge, but several games were delayed or cancelled due to the weather.

Whatever the reason for going to the beach, many people were excited to see the snow, even if it was just for day.

"I want more snow! Lots and lots of snow," said Ingram.

WPDE NewsChannel 15's First Alert Weather Team says most of the snow that hasn't melted by sundown on Sunday, will stick around until Monday morning.