Snow days cause problems for area school districts

Most public school students on the Grand Strand, in the Pee Dee and the Border Belt have missed six days of school because of two winter storms that hit last month and this week.

Horry County is the only school district in our area that sent some students back to school Friday.

"I'm so happy that they're back in school today. I brought the teachers cards and lollipops, I'm so excited that they're back," said Shakema Brackat, mother of two girls.

While the kids were home, Shakema Brackat had to make alternate plans.

"The older one watched the little for me, because I had to go to work," said Brackat.

Sandra Matthews, a 4th grade teacher at Conway Elementary, says she and her fellow teachers will now focus on catching up.

"If there's something we can skip, then we'll skip that, or just kind of double up on certain things. We're really going to do our best to catch up," said Matthews.

The decision was made Friday to open the majority of schools in the county and keep six in the hardest hit areas closed.

Horry County Schools Superintendent Cindy Elsberry says it's very rare to have some schools open and others closed, but every day counts.

"Every instructional day, and every instructional hour is really valuable. So getting in school is important, not only for the instructional piece, but also for families and community," said Elsberry.

Horry County's scheduled make up days are this Monday, February 17, and March 28 for two of the four missed days from the first winter storm.

Bills have been filed at the state legislature to extend the three day forgiveness for missed school days to five days. School boards would make the final decision.