Snow and ice strands airline passengers in Myrtle Beach

The winter weather has left airline passengers stranded all over the southeast and Myrtle Beach is no exception.

Many, like Helen Franco, are playing the waiting game.

"I'm thinking I'm not happy. This is the third day I'm trying to get out of Myrtle Beach to get to Maryland," she said. "U.S. Airways said there was no seats available today or all day tomorrow so that means we won't get out of here until Saturday. That ain't happening."

Ain't happening because Franco said she'll drive to Maryland if she can't get a flight out today.

The Myrtle Beach International Airport has been open, but Kirk Lovell, the airport marketing manager, says no commercial flights have come or gone since Tuesday afternoon.

"Condition is fair, which means it's up to the airline if they want to fly in or not," Lovell explained.

And many airlines are choosing not to.

"They got me postponed until tomorrow sometime, and I'm on a wait list otherwise," said Delta passenger, John White.

And as if that wasn't hard enough, because the flight cancellations and delays are due to weather, airlines aren't handing out any food or hotel vouchers.

If you're planning on flying anywhere, check your flight status.