Smooth sailing at Myrtle Beach International Airport

Smooth sailing at Myrtle Beach International Airport

Monday airports nationwide reported heavy traffic.

At Myrtle Beach International Airport, the atmosphere was more low-key than busy.

There were only a handful of people waiting at ticket counters and waiting for pieces of luggage spinning around on the carousel.

Many people also said lines at the ticket counter and security were shorter than they expected.

In addition, the majority of flights coming-in and going-out of Myrtle Beach were not delayed.

This smooth travel process wasn't a surprise to some travelers, including Jack Cook.

He was visiting Myrtle Beach from Washington D.C. for the holidays.

"I've traveled two days before Christmas before and haven't had too many issues before maybe it's the airport," said Cook.

Although there were no major headaches at the terminal or in the airport, some travelers said finding a parking spot was a challenge.

Long-term parking was blocked by signs that said it was full.

Norman Whyte said finding a parking spot in short-term parking was also difficult.

"I had to go around a couple times," he said.

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