Small risk of severe storms overnight

A strong storm system that's produced tornadoes and several feet of snow over the past two days is headed toward the Carolinas.

Thankfully, the system will not be as strong when it arrives in our area Thursday night.

The cold front associated with this system will sweep through the Carolinas and produce a line of storms that will move through between midnight and 7 a.m. Friday. Because the line is coming through so late, the atmosphere won't be as unstable as it will be to the west of us this afternoon.

Despite the lack of instability, the wind shear will be high so any thunderstorms will be capable of producing damaging winds in excess of 58 mph.

The overall risk of damaging winds is 15%. In other words, there is a 15% chance of damaging straight-line winds within 25 miles of a given point. The tornado risk is lower, but not zero. The chance of a tornado touching down within 25 miles of a given point is 5%.

The cold front will be slow to move through on Friday so a few more showers and storms are possible through the day, although these are expected to stay below severe limits.

Skies clear Friday night with sunshine, low humidity and temperatures in the 70s returning for the weekend.