"Sky's the limit" for Golson, say family and friends

A young Myrtle Beach native is in the national spotlight Monday.

Everett Golson will lead the Notre Dame Fighting Irish against Alabama's Crimson Tide for the Bowl Championship Series title game in college football.

After leading Myrtle Beach High School to a pair of state championships, Golson's abilities as a quarterback are well known, but his family and friends in Myrtle Beach say there's much more to the young man than just what he can do with a football.

The 20-year-old Golson has also achieved recognition for his talent at playing the piano. And Golson can't even read music; he plays by ear.

It's an example of the God-given abilities that Golson's cousin and high school guidance counselor says make up his three "A" talents: artistic, academic and athletic.

"So he was a triple A threat all around, just all around, and a good, good person," said Cookie Goings. "You can have gifts and talent and succeed and just be good, but if you're not a good person, it just overshadows everything."

When he comes home to Myrtle Beach, Golson still plays the piano at Mt. Olive AME Church, accompanied by a friend who says Golson's football fame hasn't changed him.

"Seems like he's always smiling, always showing love to everybody," said Josh Washington. "He don't really got no attitude or no big head about all the success he's having, he's just a regular old guy."

Another of Golson's cousins says she always knew he'd be successful at music, sports or whatever he set his mind to, and that he can go as far as he wants.

"The sky's the limit because Everett Golson is the type of person that he never lets anything get in his way. He just believes in doing his best and his best is the sky," said Rose Deason.

Those who know him best speak of Golson's quiet leadership and say he's a role model to other kids, setting an example that says, "You can do it."

"You have to work hard, you have to apply yourself, but you can do it," said Goings.

She says she thinks the fame Golson has received on the football field will change him, but only for the better, based on values he learned at home, at church and from the community.

Monday was declared Everett Golson day in Myrtle Beach.

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