Sinkhole causing problems in Georgetown

A sinkhole in a Georgetown parking lot appears to be having a structural impact on buildings around it.

The sinkhole was discovered more than a week ago.

The property owner believes a state drainage project that's underway nearby to contain flooding might be causing it.

The owner of a gas station next door to the sinkhole says cracks are showing up on his lot, and the door to the station won't close properly.

He's worried about the fuel tanks that are buried under his lot, and he's not sure what to do.

"I have no idea right now, but I just keep watching and take all more and more pictures," Prashant Patel told us.

Tony Jordan owns the parking lot.

He says he's been told by the South Carolina Department of Transportation that there's no evidence the drainage project is causing the sinkhole, but he's hired his own engineer to study it.