Signs of hope for homeowners on 4-month anniversary of Windsor Green fire

It's been four months since the fire at the Windsor Green Condominums in Carolina Forest, anD the property where 194 people lost their homes is now starting to look very different.

Todd Setzer, Director of Marketing at A & I Fire and Water Restoration, the company heading up the rebuilding, explained that they are already working on plumbing and electric on 12 of the new buildings, even with a slight setback from recent rain.

Setzer added that homeowners will often come up and monitor the progress, some thanking contractors for their hard work.

"You can tell this was someone, this was her permanent residence, she lost everything she owned, she actually lost one of her cats in the fire and devastated but the words that she shared with us yesterday were inspiring," Setzer explained.

They're also trying to make the new homes safer than they were before the fire.

Contractors are adding sprinkler systems in every unit, something the units that were burned down didn't have.

"We hope, obviously, they never have to experience another fire but at the end of the day they have a little more back up now with that sprinkler system protecting them against any future damage to their property," he said.

With nails being hammered and cement being poured, everywhere you look, there are signs of a new beginning for homeowners at Windsor Green.

Officials say they hope construction will be complete by the beginning of next year.