Show me the money: How much did Atlantic Beach actually make from Bikefest?

Atlantic Beach still hasn't released how much money it made from this year's Atlantic Beach Bikefest, which ended in May.

The town's year-end financial report was on the agenda for Monday night's town council meeting, but council voted to postpone the discussion to a later date.

No date has been set yet for when these figures will be revealed, according to Atlantic Beach Mayor Jake Evans.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 asked Evans why it has taken so long to for those numbers to be made public.

"I know how we've been very picky in making sure things are correct when it comes to Bikefest, so I'm sure they just want to make sure things are in order to my and my council members' satisfaction," Evans said.

The town's manager, clerk, and the assistant to the town manager are responsible for coming up with the figures, according to Evans.

He says crunching those numbers takes more time since they have a small staff.

After several shootings in Myrtle Beach which left three people dead over Memorial Day weekend, Governor Nikki Haley called for an end to Bikefest.

At this time, Atlantic Beach still has no plans to cancel Bikefest for next year. Evans says they want to keep the event going, but focus more of their efforts on making it safer for the hundreds of thousands of people who come each year.