Shot, cut, and beaten: Local animal rescue group saves abused dog

Mackenzie recovering from surgery. / Lisa Edge

PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C. (WPDE) - A local animal rescue group saved a dog from the Lowcountry. The dog, named Mackenzie, suffered from internal injuries, a broken jaw, and a severe cut to the face. She's doing well now after undergoing surgery.

Recently someone dropped off Mackenzie at a shelter in Hampton County. She was scheduled to be euthanized, unless someone came to her rescue. All 4 Paws Animal Rescue saw the post on Facebook and stepped in to help. The group partnered with three other rescue groups to bring her to Georgetown County.

Friday afternoon Mackenzie arrived at Animal Hospital and Laser Center of South Carolina in Pawleys Island. Volunteers Kyle and Patricia Sparrow with All 4 Paws drove her there for treatment.

"When we picked her up, we saw that, you know, we could basically see the bone through her upper jaw and part of her lower jaw, and we cuddled her the whole way here," said Kyle Sparrow. "She has been abused, had a horrible life, we don't even know what happened, but she's still a sweet dog, and she loves people. And she had no reservations at all about seeing either one of us."

Mackenzie went into surgery for her injuries. Her jaw was in worse condition than they thought. "Initially started to close the jaw and to reform and reshape the mouth and lips so that it would be functional, and in the process we discovered the jaw was broken," explained Dr. Noel Berger, veterinarian.

Berger also had to repair a severe cut to her face. The cut was done by someone who thought she'd been bitten by a snake and tried to cut out the infection.

"Because of the amount of tissue destruction, we had to use the body's own regenerative capabilities to try to help the lips face and bone to be restored. So we're using stem cells to regenerate the missing parts of her face so she can be more normal," said Berger.

But those weren't the only injury they found on Mackenzie.

"We take x-rays to make sure that everything looks right, and when we did that, Gosh were we surprised to find that this dog was loaded with hundreds of buckshot pellets. So unfortunately, I think this dog was shot in the head, face at close range with a shotgun," added Berger.

Through it all, Mackenzie is expected to be okay. She's getting loving care now, despite an abusive past.

"This dog is lucky to be alive, but even luckier to come here so we can take care of her," said Berger. "This dog has a special purpose to be staying alive."

It's going to take about two months for Mackenzie to recover. After that, she'll be available for adoption.

No charges have been filed in this case.