Shopping fever hits Christmas tree farm

Trees for sale at Booth's Christmas Tree Farm.

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WPDE) - Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, many of you have already started decorating for the holiday. In many homes, the Christmas tree is the centerpiece.

Since last Thursday, Booth's Christmas Tree Farm near the Highway 701 and Highway 22 interchange has been busy filling orders.

Crysti Vaught stopped by the farm looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Her criteria is simple. "Just a fat, green, good-smelling tree."

After about 20 minutes of searching, she found a tree to take home. "To me Christmas is not Christmas without a real tree," added Vaught.

Customers can choose from six different varieties of trees spread across 40 acres, plus Frasier firs brought in from North Carolina.

"Black Friday was Black Friday madness on the tree farm as well. We were steady all day long. It seemed like everybody went shopping then came to get their Christmas tree before they went home," said Lauren Booth. Her family has been selling Christmas trees for nearly 50 years.

Sales at Booth's were good last year, and so far this year, they're up 10%.

"Maybe the fake tree industry is finally hitting its lull. People want to go back to the traditional Christmas tree, which is I hope is what's happening," added Booth. "The trees take about six to seven years to get to maturity where they're good selling size, so we've got a lot of baby trees planted in all different stages, and we hope that they're going to continue to grow good, and we can strive to stay open for people to keep their family tradition going."

Last year they sold about 1,200 Christmas trees.

According to the South Carolina Christmas Tree Association, the first decorated Christmas tree was documented over 500 years ago.

Booth's is located at 5198 Adrian Highway, their phone number is (843) 365-3633.