Shoppers hit stores for tax free deals

Shoppers line up for South Carolina's tax free weekend.

Many South Carolinians look forward to the annual tax free holiday weekend. State sales tax isn't applied at stores on dozens of items from calculators to shoes.

Shoppers flocked to stores like the Best Buy in Myrtle Beach Friday for deals.

"Buying a computer for the granddaughter. Going to Brooks college," said Pat Delellas.

Delellas is one of many who stopped by Best Buy's computer section in search of a laptop. It's one of many items customers can buy on the tax free list.

"Cause you're saving a lot of money when you do that and you're getting a better deal," she added. "I live in Barefoot so we're going to buy some school supplies for the Barefoot Club that's going to be donating it to North Myrtle Beach schools."

"We bring everybody in that we have. We plan for it for weeks and weeks to make sure that we deliver a great customer experience, make sure things go smoothly. We've got extra registers open," said Best Buy General Manager Jon Leidel.

The crowd comes in waves. Some stopped by Friday morning to pick up items they put on hold last week so they wouldn't have to wade through crowds.

It's a similar scene at JCPenney at Coastal Grand Mall. Parents and grandparents are buying back to school clothes. Jeans are the number one seller.

"I'm here to find some uniforms for my grandson. My granddaughter and my grandson both live in San Antonio Texas," said shopper Ann Marie Johnson. "And this is a good weekend to buy school clothes."

This weekend is important for some retailers.

"It can make or break you for the month. It kind of sets the tone for back to school for us because we're a later back to school start. We can normally judge by the tax free weekend how our true back to school weekend is going to be," said Mary Hughley with JCPenney.

You have until Sunday at midnight to enjoy not paying the state taxes on certain items. You still have to pay local taxes.

Click here for a list of tax exempt items.

Not everyone is a fan of the tax free holiday. A group called the Tax Foundation says the holidays don't yield significant benefits.