Shop til you drop for Labor Day sales

Before the Labor Day holiday ended, shoppers made sure they got the best bang for their buck with holiday sales.

What better way to celebrate the American work force, than to consume its goods?

Most people had the day off Monday, so that meant a lot of people were able to head to the stores to see how much they could save.

These days, joining the cookouts and weekend getaways over Labor Day weekend, are long lines and long receipts.

"Usually it's one of our busiest times," said Kaylee Barnes, an assistant manager at Charming Charlie, in Market Common.

Labor Day may mean a day off for some of us, but for retailers, it's a day of labor.

Sales were splashed on store windows and signs cluttered the sidewalks outside stores in Market Common.

The merchandise was irresistible for shoppers.

"It was a good deal, and I love taffy. I just thought I would go ahead and get it," said Randy Parker, a shopper at Market Common.

He indulged in Lazy Gator's Labor Day sales.

His wife, Linda, was excited to see her savings when she shopped at Charming Charlie.

"It is awesome. It's the best. You save for vacation, and then you save more when you go shopping," she said.

It may have been a day dedicated to not working, but even though she had to work, Barnes said she was in the right place and celebrating the holiday the way she thought she should.

"I think of shopping just because I am a shopper and I love retail and I love clothes, jewelry," she said.

Some of the biggest discounts this weekend could be found online, and many of those sales run through Tuesday.