New Marion County Sheriff shares four-year plan

Brian Wallace has worked with the Marion county Sheriff's Department for years and is ready for his new role, leading the department. (WPDE)

Brian Wallace has worked with the Marion County Sheriff's Department for years and he says he is ready to take on his new role of leading the department.

"I want to be a sheriff who is known for knowing his people, knowing the people out in the community," Wallace said.

He's only been in office a week, but he's already made it clear to his deputies that he wants them out in neighborhoods.

"We're focusing really a lot on community policing. I want deputies out in the community. I'm gonna be out in the community and I expect the same from them," Wallace said.

Wallace wants to combat crime in the county and he says that to do that there needs to be open communication between the people and the department.

"We will try to put together a community action team and also an advisory board from citizens from different areas of the community to address the concerns in their area and that community team will go out and meet with those folks," Wallace said.

Wallace also plans to update the department's outdated technology.

"With technology, we're trying to look at, 'when do we need the most deputies working,' and putting those boots on the ground at those times when we see a spike in crime," Wallace said.

Some people in the community said they are excited to see what Wallace does for the county.

"I'm very happy. Well, he's honest and I feel like he'll treat everybody fair," said Margie Cooper, who lives in Marion County.

"I think he's competent and I think he'll do a good job," said Kevin Edwards, who also lives in Marion County.

Wallace said he hopes to have the community action team in place by this time next year.

He also said he has an open door policy and will make time to see you if you have something you want to talk about.

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