Shelter for pregnant teens means second chances

Shameka Hudson looks through baby clothes

Since opening in September, theHorry County Homeless Shelter for Pregnant Teens has helped three girls.

Shameka Hudson says this shelter is giving her and her children a second chance at life.

Eleven months ago, Shameka Hudson gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but she wasn't ready to be a mom. Hudson gave her daughter, Zonia, to family members to take care of.

"This is the best decision, I'd rather have her in one stable place where people can actually provide for her," said Hudson.

After Zonia was born, Hudson bounced from home to home. She is now pregnant with her second child, and this time she had nowhere to go.

Hudson turned to the Horry County Homeless Shelter for Pregnant Teens for help.

"By the time I'm done here I will be ready to go out into the world the way I should have been like a couple of years ago," said Hudson.

Hudson is allowed to stay at the shelter for a few months after her second child is born. To be eligible to stay in the shelter, Hudson must try to get herself back on her own feet, something she is excited about.

"I can go back to school, that's like the number one thing on my list. Go back to school," said Hudson.

The shelter is still in need for donations. If you would like to find out how to donate you can clickhere.