Shark bites man near Myrtle Beach pier

Myrtle Beach police say Saturday evening a man swimming near the 2nd Avenue Pier was bitten by a shark.

Beach Patrol Sergeant Phillip Cain confirmed Ryan Orellana-Moczynski, 25, from St. John, Indiana was swimming on a boogie board about a block away from the pier when an unknown type of shark bit his foot around 7:45 p.m.

"Typically sharks feed at night around dusk," said Cain. "We would advise anyone to not swim at that time."

Orellana-Moczynski was sent to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center for his injuries.

Cain said Orellan-Moczynski's family told police he had surgery Saturday night.

"We were told the surgery was successful, but he will have some recovery to go through," Cain said.

Cain believes it's possible Orellana-Moczynski ended up in a school of fish when a shark swam through with its mouth open.

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