Shagging across the Grand Strand

The Junior S-O-S event is taking place this week at the Ocean Drive Beach Club and Golf Resort in North Myrtle Beach to teach a younger generation of people how to shag dance.

More than 650 people under the age of 21 are registered to learn shagging, which was born right here on the Grand Strand.

The dance is usually associated with baby boomers, but Cody Morgan, 12, of North Carolina said shagging isn't just for his parents.

"I think anyone any age can do this dance," Morgan said.

The music shaggers dance to may be ages old, but Morgan said he enjoys being part of a new generation learning the Palmetto State's official dance.

"Two years ago at my grandma's Valentine's party, lot's of old folks were shagging and stuff, and they asked me, do I want to learn? So I said, yeah," Morgan said.

Morgan even has his little brother in on the Grand Strand's favorite dance craze, although he's in it for a little more than just the exercise.

"You get to dance with the girls," Zane Morgan, Cody's 6-year-old brother said.

And Zane may be in luck.

"Since we need more guy shaggers and there's a bunch of girl shaggers, if the guys knew how many girls were down here, they would come," Katelynn Powers, a shagger from North Carolina said.

Shagging was born right here in Myrtle Beach back in the 1940s, and it lives on throughout the Grand Strand.

"I grew up around all these people and when I come here, it's just like another home for me," Sydney West, a shag instructor said.

The event runs until Sunday and has sessions for shaggers of all experience levels. Click here for a full schedule of events.